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27 July 2015 @ 12:21 am
Everybody should go play K-pop Survivor since it starts with the male idols on Sunday!


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05 July 2011 @ 05:53 pm
Long time no see LJ! I've been mainly lurking recently and I've been doing way too much stuff to relax haha. K-pop is keeping me grounded though.

Speaking of K-pop, my best friend, the girl that got me into J-pop 6 years ago which led to me discovering K-pop is now getting addicted. She already loved 2NE1 but now she loves SNSD and 5Dolls too. I got in her car the other day and she was playing Genie with the rest of my home friends looking like "O_O" XD.

I miss Uni so much! I'm so bored at home already. I miss being able to walk down to the city centre for free and going clubbing 3 nights a week and walking home in the 5am daylight. Liverpool ;_;

I got my exam results yesterday! I got 6 firsts and 2 2:1's! Too bad they don't count haha. Surprisingly my best marks were in accounting! And unsurprising my worst mark was human resources haha. Still going to pursue marketing, accounting makes my brain ache too much!

I applied for a campus job too and waiting for them to give me an interview. It's for one of the world's biggest companies and the pay is good, but I'm mainly doing it for the experience. Plus SIFE is going well, I've now been made a director of 40 people. Finding a placement for third year is becoming easier now, especially as I'm on work experience atm. My CV was empty last year and now there's so much on it! Love these amazing opportunities.

Recently my life is a k-drama! Had to run for the train in the heat yesterday and the only seat left was next to a gorgeous suited man (yes, I have a thing for men in suits) so I looked terrible. Then today I was in my work experience company's head office and almost missed my seat because the man working on the desk opposite me was perfection, albeit in his forties. Then as I was leaving the office I literally walked into another hot guy who exchanged banter with my supervisor and apologised in advance for embarrassing himself whilst drunk on Friday, something I'm sure I'll be doing as I've lost my immunity to alcohol now I don't go out. Wish I had this luck at university, where it would not be awkward to flirt! Ah well, doesn't hurt to look ;)
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12 September 2010 @ 01:03 am
7 days until I leave home for Liverpool! I'm so excited! But incredibly nervous at the same time. I keep looking at my house and crying because I know I'll miss it so much. I might ask my Mum to let me keep a cushion or something just so I have something from here because I'm sentimental like that. I'm dreading saying goodbye to my family most, I love them so much and I'll miss them every second but I'm resigned to the fact I need to do this and actually get out the house and grow up instead of mooching around like this forever, and I'm relishing the challenge. I'm just scared of everything though, scared that people won't like me, scared that I won't adjust, scared that the assignments will be too tough. I guess time will tell though.
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07 August 2010 @ 04:59 pm
I love my friends. I really do. We could do anything together and I'd have a great time. So if everything goes well when I get my result in two weeks and I end up going to Liverpool University I will miss them like crazy. One friend is going to Bristol University hopefully whilst the other is staying on at college for another 2 years to get 2 more A levels (so she'll have 5 in total in English, Maths, Chemistry, Law and Sociology orz) so I won't be able to see them often at all.

Of course I'm petrified of making new friends because I'm sure I'll never be as comfortable around others as I am with them. I have really low self-confidence most of the time and they've helped me get over that. I can look like utter shit around them and still not worry about them judging me.

But I am still so awkward around strangers. I find it really hard to give people I don't know eye contact (unless I'm drunk, then I just spark up random conversations so they think I'm weird either way) and I won't go out of my way to speak to someone I don't know so I'm so worried that people will mistake that for me being rude and ignore me and I'll be a loner >.<. I am a sociable person, I just need time to come out of my shell. I'm sharing my uni accommodation flat with 5 others, 3 boys and 2 girls so I'm worried that they won't like me either haha. I actually won't know what I will do if one of those guys is cute. If I'm being served by a cute cashier I get all embarrassed so I would be 10x worse if I had to live with a cute guy haha.

But there's a school friend I've drifted away from recently. I feel like such a bad friend but I can't stand being around her. She always just seems to have this negative vibe about her. She started skipping school a lot this year and her priorities became her boyfriend, sex, alcohol and smoking so I found it really difficult to relate to her about anything. She was the one that introduced me to J-pop through Final Fantasy and she also liked all the K-pop I shared with her. But she's changed so much over the past 3 years. I've been friends with her for 6 years now so I don't want to throw away such a long term friendship, and I do still care about her but it's got to the point where I have nothing to talk about with her.

I haven't even spoken to her in the last 3 months. She's been staying at her Dad's house which is about 30 mins away and both of my other close friends drive so it wouldn't be hard to see her but each time we ask she just basically ignores us. It frustrates me so much because I feel like she's just thrown her whole future away. She was so gifted academically but she pretty much just threw it all away by not studying and skipping school and now she's happy going to a third-rate university (seriously, it's 100 out of 120 whereas mine is 25 and my friend's is 10) and I just don't even know anymore. I feel so bad about moving away from home without saying goodbye to her but it's got to the point where I don't even know if I care enough anymore :(

I can't believe there's only 11 days until results day. I keep having nightmares about failing. I WANT TO GO TO LIVERPOOL SO BAD! I've fallen in love with it. But I don't even know anymore.
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01 August 2010 @ 02:40 pm
Yeah, that's right. Book the event I've been looking forward to all year for when I'm on holiday, even though I've told you multiple times that I'm away then and won't be able to go.

I hate this girl so much D:

I'll be so glad to get rid of her forever next month :D
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29 July 2010 @ 03:23 pm
I accidentally killed a pigeon whilst driving today. I didn't mean to, it just flew right into the car out of nowhere. It was pigeon suicide! I was only going 20mph too, I could understand if I was going 60mph but it was a freaking housing estate ffs.

Stupid pigeons. They just stand in the middle of the road all the time now. It's a miracle the death toll isn't any higher.

And now I can see the big pigeon that lives in my garden and it looks like it's staring at me. Great, now I feel guilty.

And of course my family find it hilarious since my childhood nickname is "pidge" because I used to go around chasing pigeons when I was 5 until this scary old woman shouted at me for making them all fly away.

Then Taeyang's "I'm so fly like a bird" song had to come on shuffle. EVEN K-POP IS AGAINST ME! >_<

If I have pigeon nightmares tonight I will be so angry grrr. Still, my friend has accidentally killed a stray dog before so I guess at least I killed the vermin of the skies and not some cute doggy.

Nothing like an angsty post about a hard-hitting topic D:
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24 June 2010 @ 11:50 am
My dad got his new car today! I'm more excited than I'd usually be because once I pass my driving test I can drive this providing either Mum or Dad are with me, as I don't own my own car and this one is too expensive for me to write-off haha. Once I'm 21 I can drive it alone but I don't mind because by then I'm intending to inherit my Mum's BMW as she's already bored of it.

Last exam in 1 hour, French. I'm so nervous I feel like shaking because this is the exam I'm dreading. None of my revision seems to be enough. I've downloaded a bunch of dramas with the promise that I can watch them all back to back after this.

It's a 2hr30min exam so it drags on, not as much as English though. I just keep telling myself that if I get through this and study my ass off then I can enjoy summer knowing I've done enough to get into Liverpool. God I love that place so much. Although judging by how well Business went yesterday I'm pretty much guaranteed a place. But still, I can't relax until I get that phone call telling me all my work has paid off.

Okay, I really need food now so that my stomach doesn't rumble all the way through the exam, distrupting all 3 of us inside the room. I hate the stupid water rule but at least it's not hot today. I thought I was gonna die of dehydration in my English exam.

Fandom is the only thing keeping me sane right now. I have a sudden urge to join the fandoms of all the lesser known groups purely because fangirling is so fun and addictive.

Moaning post likes to moan.
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23 June 2010 @ 04:47 pm
Archiving this before it's eaten up by teh internetz

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23 June 2010 @ 04:09 pm
Wow it feels like it's been ages since I've been on here.

I have absolutely nothing interesting to say recently though so I guess it's for the best.

2 exams done, 1 to go. I keep telling myself that after this one I've got 3 months of stress free summer but I'm still nervous. Gah D:

On the plus side I'm pretty sure I just got an A* in Business. Best set of questions I could've possibly had :)

Now back to watching football lalalalalala
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08 November 2009 @ 08:21 pm
Officially ending my 19 week LJ hiatus xD

Time was a major issue and then I couldn't be bothered with it for ages. Also my fandom changed to Kpop :3

Yeah, that's it. Too tired to write something more interesting XD
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