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23 June 2010 @ 04:47 pm
Hangry&Angry Concert - London  
Archiving this before it's eaten up by teh internetz

I arrived at London Euston with my friend at 6:35 and we went straight to the tube station. We found the right tube and got on but then it stopped halfway to Camden Town for 10 mins due to maintenance. I forgot how terrible this country's public transport is.

We got to the venue about 6:50 so we were expecting the queue to be pretty full, but it seemed to go on forever. I was so happy seeing that many people there. By this point we'd given up hope of getting a good position in the crowd since we were almost at the back of the queue but we didn't care anyway because we knew the live would be amazing. We met these two girls from London in the queue who were really nice. They were J-rock fans who didn't really listen to Jpop but wanted to check out H&A anyway. They didn't know anything about H&A, like which one was Hangry or Angry, that they were called Rika and Hitomi and they were once in Morning Musume. We waited for about 30 mins and then the queue started moving.

When you went inside they gave you a ticket for the photo op raffle and then you were in a hallway. We decided to skip over merch for now and just hand in our bags and raffle tickets and find a place in the crowd. We ended up about halfway between the stage and the balcony which wasn't too bad. Before the live they were playing Morning Musume song. I remember hearing Nanchatte Renai and Onna ga Medatte but the music was really quiet so I couldn't hear any other specific songs. The crowd was amazing, every time a tech guy or any of the staff went up on stage we cheered. There was this girl behind me with this amazing glowstick which when you waved spelled messages. It had Yossie, Rika, Hangry&Angry with the official logo, stuff like that. From what I witnessed and the people I talked to the crowd seemed to be 80% H!P fans, 15% J-rock fans and 5% casual fans. Then after a while they set up a projecter with a video. They showed a brief montage of their time in H!P with clips from PV's, Hello! Morning, concerts and then they showed some subtitled interviews. Nono appeared first and everyone screamed, shouting her name. She mentionned how when she first met Rika she had the highest pitch voice she ever heard. And then she said how Yossie was funny when she was drunk and someone next to me shouted "Let's get her pissed!"

Then Ai and Risa appeared on the VTR and they mentioned how Yossie and Rika always go to their concerts and then stay in contact still. People in the crowd were shouting "Gaki". Then they had a VTR of their concerts to date, with the dates and then it finished with "And now..."

Then they appeared on stage and wow, I thought people were exaggerated when they said that photos don't do them justice. They were gorgeous. As soon as they appeared the guys in front of me pushed forward and the guys behind me pushed forward and I ended up wedged between the second and third row between the middle of the stage and the left hand side which meant I had pretty much the most amazing view. Each time they performed they would stand right in front of me and give me eye contact. I pretty much just died on the spot. I couldn't get over how striking Yossie's eyes are. Each time she looked at me it felt like she was staring into my soul. One time I was beaming due to them performing one of my favourites (Romantic ni Violence possibly) and she looked at me and smiled back. I pretty much just died on the spot then. I thought I'd have a hard time tearing my eyes away from Yossie but Rika was equally as mesmerising. She had this big, cheesy grin on her face all the way through and she looked like she way having so much fun. It made me smile and giggle just watching her. She has amazing stage presence, in fact they both do. Rika's really grown on me after that live. Yossie was wearing patched jeans and a cropped leather jacket with spiky hair. Rika was wearing a lolita dress with the hair from the KMKM video.

They performed pretty much all of their songs, except I can't remember hearing Doubt but I don't really care for that song so oh well. Giza giza was the 2nd album version but I think Angelia was the normal version. Top Secret and Sadistic Dance were the opening songs and by that point it was boiling in the room but it didn't matter. At one point Yossie mouthed something to a staff member but managed to flawlessy disguise it into part of the routine. That girl is a professional.

For the first MC they kept saying "atsui ne" and the wota kept repeating it. The wota were amazing tbh. I've always had, not a negative view of wota but kind of a meh view but the wota were amazing. They knew every dance move and every chant to every song. The way they looked at their idols was with utmost adoration. They cheered the loudest and they were the ones right at the front. Yossie and Rika really made an effort to look their way a lot and aim their dance moves towards them which was understandable really, but there was a lot of crowd interaction in general. In this MC they did the generic engrish introduction with I Love London, London is great, I'm having fun, are you having fun, you guys rock etc.

The next MC was the things Yossie had prepared to say. She had a page torn from a notebook with her messy writing and scribbling out. It was adorable. She struggled a bit but she managed to say how they had eaten sushi or something, and I think they mentioned going to a pub...

After a few more songs it was Rika's MC. She also stumbled a bit but told us about her day in London. She caught a bus to London Bridge and went to see Big Ben. She told us how she saw Big Ben turn twelve and looked amazed. "HOW LUCKY WAS I?". At one point in the concert she learned to say "ME TOO" and then said it on several occasions. At one point she said "Listen to me" and Yossie went "Shhh"

They played Kill Me Kiss Me at the end and the crowd was awesome. Everyone was singing along and it was so energetic. One of the highlights of the night.

I think it was around this point that they introduced the DJ. Yossie gestured to her breasts and said Hangry, miming one breast, and Angry referring to the other, due to the DJ having quite spectacular boobage I was laughing so hard, so was Rika. At one point Yossie, in a mixture of English and Japanese, was trying to say her eye-makeup was running because of tears and that she was going to get panda eyes

Then they left the stage, with everyone shouting "en-co-re" loudly, in particular the tall wota at the front. When they came back we cheered loudly. Yossie tripped down the step to the stage and then giggled and Rika laughed at her. Rika said how much she wanted to perform here again so I hope it does happen. They thanked us for the encore and went into The Peace! Everyone was singing along and it was a great end to the concert. They said goodbye and left and the Twisted Talent (?) woman came on the stage and told us not to go home because they had a special surprise for us.

It was about 9pm now and they played their two MVs for ten minutes on the projector and then they came out again for the question session. We were cheering so loudly that the TT woman had to ask us to shut up so she didn't get fired.

The first question was something along the lines of "If you could pick any H!P concert outfit, which would it be?" They were both pretty stumped by this question. Yossie kept saying "I don't know" in Japanese and Rika's eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, it was so cute.

Eventually they just decided PV outfits. Rika picked The Peace! (the big wota pointed to her current outfit and the TT woman told him off for helping her and everyone cheered and Yossie did the tune of/danced Happy Summer Wedding and then named it. Someone in the crowd started the parapara chants then and Yossie looked really happy.

The next question was "If you could go back to any period of time and witness an event what would it be?" Yossie thought for a while and eventually answered with seeing The Beatles live when they were active which got a cheer. Rika thought for ages and really couldn't decide. She kept muttering about the edo era but I think her final answer was being here today with all of us.

The next question was in Japanese and the English translation didn't make any sense to me either. But I think it was something along the lines of "what have you enjoyed in the past ten years?" They mentioned Yuko (which made a lot of people cheer) and how she was H!P's leader once and then the translator said something like "she's your sister" so I just got really confused.

The next question was "Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?" They both said they still want to sing. Yossie said she wanted to get married and asked if there was any volunteers in the audience. Nearly everyone put up their hand, including girls so she said. "No no. I like boys" and Rika piped up with "Me too." That was hilarious. The big wota at the front volunteered after that and they both pointed and laughed. The person next to this wota, sort of messed up his hair in response Rika also mentioned wanting a baby.

Another question was "If you could remake any Morning Musume song into a Hangry&Angry song, like The Peace, what would it be?" Yossie chose Mr. Moonlight and started singing it. Then they looked at each other and decided to do a rock acapella version on the spot. Yossie did a low, rough voice for it. It was awesome!

There was also "If you could play any instrument perfectly what would it be? Yossie mimed playing the guitar and picked that, Rika mimed drums and picked that.

That was it for the questions and then the winners of the raffle were drawn. Seeing them posing was so surreal. Rika spent like 30 seconds repositioning her face until she got the right pose, it was fascinating to watch. Then they picked the winners of signed posters. The first guy was really shy and kind of lurked at the side of the stage. Yossie began shouting his name and then made the whole crowd chant his name. He looked perplexed. (I actually ended up behind him in the cloakroom queue at the end lol) The next guy was like the polar opposite. He just strolled on stage and took a bow and soaked up the moment. One of the girls that won the photo opp was wearing a lolita dress like Rika's.

Then it was over and I had to get home which wasn't find. I ended up pulling an all-nighter but at least it was worth it. I spoke to some amazing people and H&A were perfect.

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