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24 June 2010 @ 11:50 am
Shiny Shiny  
My dad got his new car today! I'm more excited than I'd usually be because once I pass my driving test I can drive this providing either Mum or Dad are with me, as I don't own my own car and this one is too expensive for me to write-off haha. Once I'm 21 I can drive it alone but I don't mind because by then I'm intending to inherit my Mum's BMW as she's already bored of it.

Last exam in 1 hour, French. I'm so nervous I feel like shaking because this is the exam I'm dreading. None of my revision seems to be enough. I've downloaded a bunch of dramas with the promise that I can watch them all back to back after this.

It's a 2hr30min exam so it drags on, not as much as English though. I just keep telling myself that if I get through this and study my ass off then I can enjoy summer knowing I've done enough to get into Liverpool. God I love that place so much. Although judging by how well Business went yesterday I'm pretty much guaranteed a place. But still, I can't relax until I get that phone call telling me all my work has paid off.

Okay, I really need food now so that my stomach doesn't rumble all the way through the exam, distrupting all 3 of us inside the room. I hate the stupid water rule but at least it's not hot today. I thought I was gonna die of dehydration in my English exam.

Fandom is the only thing keeping me sane right now. I have a sudden urge to join the fandoms of all the lesser known groups purely because fangirling is so fun and addictive.

Moaning post likes to moan.
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