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29 July 2010 @ 03:23 pm
Damn pigeons  
I accidentally killed a pigeon whilst driving today. I didn't mean to, it just flew right into the car out of nowhere. It was pigeon suicide! I was only going 20mph too, I could understand if I was going 60mph but it was a freaking housing estate ffs.

Stupid pigeons. They just stand in the middle of the road all the time now. It's a miracle the death toll isn't any higher.

And now I can see the big pigeon that lives in my garden and it looks like it's staring at me. Great, now I feel guilty.

And of course my family find it hilarious since my childhood nickname is "pidge" because I used to go around chasing pigeons when I was 5 until this scary old woman shouted at me for making them all fly away.

Then Taeyang's "I'm so fly like a bird" song had to come on shuffle. EVEN K-POP IS AGAINST ME! >_<

If I have pigeon nightmares tonight I will be so angry grrr. Still, my friend has accidentally killed a stray dog before so I guess at least I killed the vermin of the skies and not some cute doggy.

Nothing like an angsty post about a hard-hitting topic D:
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Kellyrinareechan on July 30th, 2010 12:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the deer around here do the same. If you're driving around the forest area on a high speed limit road you have to be so careful because they just rush out as a group. You see the first one and emergency stop and end up hitting the last one :/

Thankfully no one I know as hit a deer but there's been plenty of close misses.