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05 July 2011 @ 05:53 pm
O HAI!  
Long time no see LJ! I've been mainly lurking recently and I've been doing way too much stuff to relax haha. K-pop is keeping me grounded though.

Speaking of K-pop, my best friend, the girl that got me into J-pop 6 years ago which led to me discovering K-pop is now getting addicted. She already loved 2NE1 but now she loves SNSD and 5Dolls too. I got in her car the other day and she was playing Genie with the rest of my home friends looking like "O_O" XD.

I miss Uni so much! I'm so bored at home already. I miss being able to walk down to the city centre for free and going clubbing 3 nights a week and walking home in the 5am daylight. Liverpool ;_;

I got my exam results yesterday! I got 6 firsts and 2 2:1's! Too bad they don't count haha. Surprisingly my best marks were in accounting! And unsurprising my worst mark was human resources haha. Still going to pursue marketing, accounting makes my brain ache too much!

I applied for a campus job too and waiting for them to give me an interview. It's for one of the world's biggest companies and the pay is good, but I'm mainly doing it for the experience. Plus SIFE is going well, I've now been made a director of 40 people. Finding a placement for third year is becoming easier now, especially as I'm on work experience atm. My CV was empty last year and now there's so much on it! Love these amazing opportunities.

Recently my life is a k-drama! Had to run for the train in the heat yesterday and the only seat left was next to a gorgeous suited man (yes, I have a thing for men in suits) so I looked terrible. Then today I was in my work experience company's head office and almost missed my seat because the man working on the desk opposite me was perfection, albeit in his forties. Then as I was leaving the office I literally walked into another hot guy who exchanged banter with my supervisor and apologised in advance for embarrassing himself whilst drunk on Friday, something I'm sure I'll be doing as I've lost my immunity to alcohol now I don't go out. Wish I had this luck at university, where it would not be awkward to flirt! Ah well, doesn't hurt to look ;)
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